The sauce that sells itself.

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    How we started

    In the mid-90’s, Ed Montgomery owned the Saxonburg Pizza Shack. A coworker and him came up with the idea for the hot sauce. In 2012, Ed made some adjustments to the sauce and started George and Floyd’s Country Kitchen. 

    How he came up with the name and bottle is a completely different story, though. Ed’s two oldest brothers, William George and Donald Floyd, passed away in the late 90’s. He wanted to find some way to incorporate them in the name and bottles. 

    Ed tried everything from their CB handles to their first names, but nothing stuck. Eventually he got pictures from his dad, and came up with using their middle names. 

    Throughout 2012 he tired to set up to start selling the sauce. It took months to build a room in his basement and buy all of the stuff needed. They had to find people to sell to, buy and test all the ingredients, and figure out ways to market their product. 

    It took a long time for Ed to get to where he is today, but he had a ton of help along the way. 


    • Ed had a pizza shop.
    • His two oldest brothers passed away. He used their names for his company and product.
    • It took a lot of work and help from many amazing people. 

    Our Team

    Ed Montgomery

    Ed Montgomery is the Founder of George and Floyd's Country Kitchen. He started the company in late 2012. He previously owned a pizza shop in Saxonburg. Now he's working at Oberg and running George and Floyd's. 

    Kylie Montgomery

    Kylie Montgomery, Ed's daughter, helps with most of the Website and talks through decisions with her dad. Also, she helps with going out and selling/giving samples of the hot sauce.